.18.05.15: Last minute news Lonewolf will take part on 2015 edition of
"METAL FRENZY" Festival in Gardelegener (Ger), on Saturday, June 20th.
More information on www.metal-frenzy.de






















.01.04.15: Small extract of our concert on March 13th in Grillen. Special thanks to Anne Marie Vazquez from Kairos Film and
his team for the realization of the video clip " Hordes of the night "’ (Cult of steel), the Headbang association, Grillen crew...
And specially we really want to thank all the fans who follow us, for their ardent support.

"Let's hail the Cult of steel !!!!!!!!!"

.28.03.15: Don't miss on Wednesday April 1st the release of the live clip
"Hordes of the Night " filmed during our concert of March 13th in Grillen.













.15.03.15: New dates for "Cult of Steel Tour 2015"


















... and finally the program of BAAAM FESTIVAL !!!!