Morceau préféré de Lonewolf: Viktoria

Date d'intégration de Lonewolf: Membre depuis: 1992 (Co-fondateur)

Influences: Running wild, Grave digger, Paragon, Iron Maiden, Stormwitch, Manilla road....

Top 15 albums préférés:  1 Running wild: Gates to purgatory, 2 Running wild: Under jolly roger,
Black hand inn, Masquerade, 3 Stormwitch: Tales of terror, 4 Helloween: Walls of jericho,
5 Judas Priest: Defenders of the faith, 6 Grave digger: The reaper, 7 Warlock: Triumph and agony,
8 Bathory: Bathory, 9 Pretty maids: Red, hot and heavy, 10 Manilla road: Crystal logic,
11 Accept: Restless and wild, 12: Iron maiden: Piece of mind, 13: Omen: Battle cry,
14: Paragon: Law of the blade, 15: Sodom: Agent orange...etc